Welcome to RETOURN project education section. This material has been developed to reskill ad up-skill tourism professionals and students to respond to the increasing need to revive territories and touristic destinations affected by natural disasters. The aim of the RETOURN course is to enrich the knowledge and skill of the tourism experts, employees, entrepreneurs, tour operators and managers, tour guides and tour leaders, graduates and undergraduates in economic-tourism disciplines.

As per the project research results regarding territories’ needs and stakeholders indications, the main competences to add to tourism experts and professionals to respond to natural disasters are: SUPPORT TO EMERGENCY FIRST RESPONSE, RECOVERY MARKETING STRATEGY, DESTINATION MANAGEMENT AFTER DISASTER, ETHICAL AND SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, RECOVERY COMMUNICATION.

For students or trainees: you can attend this course guided by a tutor or autonomously, as a whole or in single modules. If you complete single modules or the whole course with at least a 60% correct answers to the tests you can download the certificate on the learning outcomes acquired. The access to the course is free under platform registration. The project developers suggest reading all the material, completing all the tests and the further readings. 

For trainers and educators: you might use this material in your courses for e-learning and enrich face-to-face learning, also using the trainers’ materials for active learning experience. Materials for educators and trainers are available in the submenu ‘downloads’ under ‘Education’ in the main menu.

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